The alliance’s .//. mission is to inject donations from users of its ecosystem into a network of Blockchain partners with a real impact on the green economy and with a flawless, transparent and public management of the funds collected.


The ecosystem .//. is deployed by creating a digital representation of physical objects and places on a blockchain, transforming them into a voice platform for engagement and customer relations.


Organized as a 3.0 network, Olivier Cordoleani, the founder,  orchestrate about fifty teleworkers and open a new dimension to Social Marketing.


Our strategic solutions, through the connected object, contactless, artificial intelligence and blockchain, serve marketing and communication. They affect the wine and spirits, organic textile industry, fashion, luxury goods, entertainment, promotional objects and art collections. 


Today, everyone is looking for meaning and humanization in professional practices. This is not an option, it is a collective responsibility. Processes develop an ethical and CSR component and give meaning to your development. 





Resulting from 5 years of R&D, the Amalea platform develops 100% innovative ambient voice applications, never seen before in the world.

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