Bridging sustainable donors of Amalea .// Ecosystem with green trust platforms for issuers and investors in green impact.

About is a decentralized autonomous organisation for the management of green donations of Amalea .//. ecosystem and the production of impact reports.

Created by the developers of the Amalea ecosystem, is designed to inject efficiency and transparency into the donation market towards the green economy.


To successfully deliver on the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, trillions of dollars will be needed. In the last few years, we have witnessed unprecedented momentum mobilizing private capital around climate change, from clear policy support to finance sector leadership.

Yet, actual international capital redeployment remains low compared to overall global investments. Leading investors point to a lack of credible green investment opportunities to invest in. Potential high impact projects remain considered too risky. At the same time, the world has never been in greater need of investments in sustainable solutions.

New organizations are working to bridge this gap. Their objective is to support the development of the green debt market by connecting green investors and green investment opportunities. By injecting profitability, transparency and confidence, they aim both to increase the supply of green debt and to make a wider range of high-impact investment opportunities available to investors.

The amio alliance is a Decentralize Autonomous Organisation that connects to the best of them to inject donations from the community of the Amalea .//. ecosystem within a network of blockchain partners having a real impact in the green economy and with management flawless, transparent and public of the funds collected.



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