After the physical trade, e-commerce, m-commerce, a 4th channel of commerce emerges: the v-commerce. (trade by voice).
With a projected turnover of 40 billion dollars in 2022 (https://hubinstitute.com), this conversational channel is built on the monopolistic foundations of GAFAM and natural language collection of information more intimate, richer, more numerous than the web .

How brands will be able to exploit this new ecosystem without being a victim, again, of:
– the dependence of GAFAM,
– soaring acquisition costs,
– massive marketing fraud,
– consumer mistrust of the exploitation of their data or the reality of product information?

Offer brands to host the voice ecosystem DIRECTLY in their products, physical communication media, point of sale and online applications.

Amalea, an intelligent personal voice assistant and WamS, contactless access points. WamS display Amalea directly on consumers’ smartphones without prior installation of a mobile application.

– Amalea creates a channel of communication and direct data marketing between the brand and the mobile population.
– Amalea strengthens the protection of personal data, certifies information and ensures a fair, equitable, ethical distribution of the wealth of this ecosystem.
– Amalea gamifies voice experience and increases adoption
– Amalea speaks directly to the mobile population in an information space where GAFAM solutions are less effective.

The AMIO alliance, made up of companies from the non-digital economy, standardization organizations and web publishers, develops the Amalea conversational ecosystem.
The dialogues between Amalea and the mobile population consume AMOs (origin Amalea mobile). This fuel is bought by the brands with cryptocurrency.
Part of this cryptocurrency is donated to consumers and brands most sensitive to the values ​​of the economic impact.
We are looking to sell Amalea conversational ambient media and we are looking for investors to finance the OFFCHAIN ​​and ONCHAIN ​​developments.

More Info: investor@amio.pro
Follow us: https://t.me/AMIO_official

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